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Prolonging the Life of Your Heating System with Expert Tips

January 24, 2024

As we enter the winter months in Bakersfield, CA, homeowners are turning to their heating systems to keep warm. A reliable heating system is essential in every home to get this job done well. It is easy to take these appliances for granted until they leave us shivering in the middle of the night due to breakdowns or malfunctions. 


Optimal maintenance and attentive care for your HVAC system are key to preventing undesirable outcomes. Grogan Mechanical is dedicated to guiding you through effective ways to nurture your heating system, with the ultimate objective of steering clear of expensive repairs and ensuring your warmth and comfort not only this winter but for years to come.

Heating Systems Path To A Prolonged Life

Just like any other appliance, heating systems require proper care and routine maintenance to not only perform effectively but to live a prolonged lifespan. There is a proven correlation between the two factors. 

According to the Consortium Energy Efficiency, routine maintenance can prolong your heating system life by over 50%. Regular maintenance ensures that your heating system is working both efficiently and effectively. 

In addition, it allows homeowners and technicians to identify any potential issues that could become costly problems long-term. Neglecting routine maintenance could require a replacement of the entire heating system, which no homeowner wants. 

When homeowners in Bakersfield, CA, participate in routine maintenance, it can reduce the chance of breakdown by 95%. 

Tips for HVAC Maintenance

Here at Grogan Mechanical, we strongly recommend participating in routine maintenance to optimize the overall performance of your heating system. We have several recommendations when it comes to maintaining your heating system. 

Let’s break them down: 

  • Air Filter Replacements. Air filters are responsible for catching air pollutants, such as dirt and debris. A clean air filter is important to keeping a well-maintained heating system. We recommend changing out your air filters at least once every 90 days or three months. 
  • Professional Annual Tune-Ups. We recommend scheduling annual tune-ups for your HVAC system. If your heating system is more than five years old, we encourage two tune-ups a year. During a tune-up, one of our well-trained technicians will ensure everything is working properly. They will identify any potential problems that could lead to costly repairs or replacement. 
  • Ductwork Inspection and Cleaning. During a ductwork inspection, a technician will check for leaks or blockages. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends ductwork cleaning at least once every 3 to 5 years. 
  • Check Your Thermostat. We recommend testing your thermostat twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall, to ensure it is sending the right signals to your heating system. 
  • Keep Your Outside Unit Clean. Don’t forget about your HVAC system outside. Keep an eye out for fallen leaves, snow, or even dust. It is important to keep it clean to ensure your HVAC system works properly.  
  • Seal Leaks. Keep out for any leaks and holes in the ductwork, evaporator coil, or cabinet. If you notice any within your heating system, it is crucial to get them sealed to avoid high energy bills and decreased efficiency. In most cases, it is best to call a professional to get the job done.  
  • Use Your Senses. If you notice a strange smell or hear any rattling, this might be a sign of an issue, and we recommend calling a professional.  

What Happens When You Ignore Routine Maintenance

Neglecting your HVAC is never a good idea. Without proper care and maintenance of your heating system, it could result in increased energy bills or a decline in air quality. 

Let’s further break that down and discuss a few other issues that may arise: 

  • Increased Energy Bills. Without proper care, your heating system cannot work at its full potential and will require more energy to function correctly.  
  • Decline In Air Quality. Without air filter replacement, it will clog and cause ventilation issues. Ultimately, this could affect the humidity levels in your home and sinuses. 
  • Costly Repairs. Without routine maintenance, issues will go unnoticed and could lead to expensive repairs in the future.  
  • Increase Your Carbon Footprint. Because an improperly maintained HVAC system requires more energy, this will increase your overall carbon footprint. 

The best way to combat these issues is with proper maintenance of your HVAC system. If you require a check-up in Bakersfield, CA, contact Grogan Mechanical today! Our team is dedicated to keeping your HVAC system in top-notch condition. 

Benefits of Routine Maintenance 

Beyond a prolonged life, there are many other advantages to regular maintenance of your HVAC system in Bakersfield, CA. 

Let’s explore a few: 

  • Lower Energy Bills. With proper maintenance comes proper functioning. If your heating system is working effectively, this will lead to less energy and less bills! According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you could save up to 30% on your energy bill when you properly take care of your system.  
  • Improved Air Quality. Replacing your air filters leads to improved air quality within your home. 
  • Avoid Costly Repairs. Regular maintenance allows homeowners to identify potential issues that could lead to costly repairs. It’s better to catch them sooner rather than later! 
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. Routine heating maintenance allows your system to work more efficiently. Therefore, it reduces your carbon footprint.   
  • Helps The Warranty Plan. In addition, regular maintenance can help your warranty plan stay valid. Many units require regular maintenance to uphold the warranty plan. In case of a breakdown, it will help you save money if you need a replacement. 

Call Grogan Mechanical Today! 

Routine maintenance is essential to a reliable heating system. If you need some maintenance in Bakersfield, CA, give us a call. Grogan Mechanical has a great team of professional technicians ready to assist. Our team is dedicated to keeping you warm not just this winter but for many winters to come!

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