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Things To Do In Bakersfield, CA This Fall

September 27, 2023

As a dedicated HVAC company in Bakersfield, CA, the Grogan Mechanical team takes immense pride in being an active part of our vibrant community. Bakersfield is not just where we offer top-notch AC repair services—it’s where we live, play, and thrive. While most know Bakersfield for its iconic country music roots, there’s so much more to the city, especially during the fall.

From pumpkin patches to culinary delights, Bakersfield offers an array of experiences that captivate both locals and visitors. Here are some of our top recommendations for things to do this fall in Bakersfield, straight from the Grogan Mechanical family.

Local Fall Festivals In Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield comes alive with colors, sounds, and vibrant energy every fall. The crisp autumn air fills with the aroma of seasonal delicacies, the strumming of guitars, and the excitement of festivity. Here are a few festivals that we at Grogan Mechanical never miss when we aren’t busy ensuring your heating systems are fall-ready.

Kern County Fair

A staple in Bakersfield’s event calendar, the Kern County Fair amalgamates entertainment, local artistry, livestock displays, and delectable cuisines. Occurring each fall, this fair is a highlight for locals and tourists alike. In between appointments for heating and AC maintenance in Bakersfield, CA, the Grogan Mechanical team and their families treasure moments spent here, enjoying the rides, games, and the palpable community bond.

Kern River Parkway Festival

Nestled by the scenic Kern River, the Kern River Parkway Festival is a celebration of nature, local culture, and community spirit. With an array of activities, from nature walks to live performances, it offers something for everyone. When not providing heating and AC repair in Bakersfield, CA, you’ll find our Grogan Mechanical crew here, taking in the serenity of the river and the festivities around it.

Bakersfield Fall Pumpkin Patch

There’s nothing like the charm of a pumpkin patch during the fall season. Bakersfield Fall Pumpkin Patches, like Banducci Family Pumpkin Patch or Murray Family Farms, provide an enchanting array of pumpkins accompanied by hayrides and entertaining activities fit for the whole family. After a rewarding day of AC repair in Bakersfield, CA, our Grogan Mechanical team often unwinds here, immersing themselves in the festive spirit.

Scare Valley Haunted Attraction

As the anticipation for Halloween grows, we encourage homeowners to experience the many festivities at Scare Valley! Scare Valley offers seasonal fun for all ages, including haunted houses, hayrides, bounce houses, and more! When not performing AC replacement and installations in Bakersfield, CA, the Grogan team can be found enjoying Halloweenville with their families!

Nature’s Delight In Bakersfield, CA

As the scorching summer heat subsides, Bakersfield’s natural landscapes become a serene palette of autumnal hues. The rustling of golden leaves underfoot, the cool breeze that whispers of winter’s approach, and the gentle warmth of the sun create an atmosphere of calm and rejuvenation. Here are some of our top natural spots to rejuvenate after a busy day of HVAC repair in and around Bakersfield, CA.

Hart Park

Embrace the fall foliage at Hart Park. An oasis spanning over 300 acres, Hart Park is Bakersfield, CA’s largest city park and offers a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle. Majestic oaks paint a picturesque scenery, especially during fall when their leaves transition to vibrant shades of orange, red, and gold.

Our team at Grogan Mechanical often chooses this scenic spot for weekend picnics and unwinding sessions, especially after engaging in HVAC installations in Bakersfield, CA. The park’s serene ponds mirror these colors, offering breathtaking reflections. A stroll here not only brings you closer to nature but also recharges your spirit, making it the perfect spot to relish the cool fall air.

Wind Wolves Preserve

Dive deep into Bakersfield, CA’s natural beauty at the Wind Wolves Preserve. Boasting as California’s largest nonprofit preserve, Wind Wolves covers over 95,000 acres of protected land. The preserve is an ecologically unique region where the Transverse Ranges, Coast Ranges, Sierra Nevada, western Mojave Desert, and San Joaquin Valley converge. The landscape takes on a golden hue during the fall, contrasting beautifully with the blue skies. It’s a haven for hiking enthusiasts and those seeking a quiet moment to connect with nature, especially as the crisp fall winds whisper tales of the land’s rich history.

When we’re not busy ensuring your home’s heating systems are in tip-top shape, some of us are hiking the trails, soaking up the vibrant hues of autumn here.

California Living Museum (CALM)

Step into a world of indigenous Californian plants and wildlife at the California Living Museum. This unique establishment offers not just an insight into the state’s rich biodiversity but also rehabilitation facilities for injured or orphaned native animals. It’s more than just a museum—it’s an experience. After a day filled with HVAC tasks, members of the Grogan Mechanical team cherish the time spent amidst the wonders of nature and wildlife at CALM.

Artistic Endeavors In Bakersfield, CA

Fall in Bakersfield is not just about nature’s spectacle; it’s also a season when the city’s artistic heartbeats resonate louder. As the days grow shorter and the evenings cooler, the arts scene heats up, with local talents showcasing their masterpieces. We encourage homeowners to experience the rich tapestry of Bakersfield’s art community with these handpicked events and places that the Grogan Mechanical team holds dear.

Bakersfield Museum of Art

Dive into the rich tapestry of Bakersfield’s art scene by visiting the Bakersfield Museum of Art. With ever-changing exhibits, it offers a fresh perspective on regional, national, and even international art. When our team from Grogan Mechanical isn’t busy with AC repair in Bakersfield, CA, you might find some of us admiring the artwork and gathering inspiration from this artistic sanctuary.

ArtWalk in Downtown Bakersfield

Every fall, the streets of downtown Bakersfield, CA, transform into an open-air gallery. The ArtWalk brings together artists from all walks of life, showcasing paintings, sculptures, photography, and live art demonstrations. It’s a perfect evening activity for our team members, providing a refreshing change from their usual HVAC tasks.

Via Arte Italian Street Painting Festival

Experience the streets of Bakersfield come alive with vibrant chalk art at the Via Arte Italian Street Painting Festival. This annual event sees artists, both budding and experienced, transform ordinary pavements into mesmerizing artworks inspired by traditional Italian street painting. Between appointments for heating replacement in Bakersfield, CA, the Grogan Mechanical team often steals moments to admire these temporary masterpieces, celebrating the city’s commitment to art and culture.

Trust Grogan Mechanical, A Local HVAC Company In Bakersfield, CA!

Bakersfield’s autumn offerings are as varied as they are delightful, ensuring there’s something for everyone. From the scent of freshly baked pumpkin pies in local cafes to the awe-inspiring artworks that grace our streets, this city truly blossoms during the fall season.

As the dedicated team at Grogan Mechanical, we’re not only passionate about your heating maintenance in Bakersfield, CA but also about the vibrant community we’re a part of. As you explore and make memories, rest assured we’re here to keep your homes warm and comfortable. Dive into fall and enjoy all that Bakersfield has to offer!

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