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5 Common AC Problems & Their Fixes

June 21, 2023

Air conditioning systems seem to break down at the worst possible times, leaving your home hot and uncomfortable for hours or even days. There could be many causes for your air conditioner to malfunction due to the many different components making up an AC system. However, as professional AC technicians in Bakersfield, CA, we typically see the same air conditioning problems. One of our team’s top priorities is to keep your home cool and comfortable, which is why we have compiled a list of frequent AC issues our team fixes. In this article, we will discuss five common AC repairs in Bakersfield, CA and how the Grogan Mechanical team can provide a solution.

Grogan Mechanical is one of Bakersfield, CA’s most trusted AC repair, maintenance, and installation companies. We’ve been Bakersfield’s go-to choice for professional heating and cooling services for over 22 years, giving us the experience we need to handle any task, regardless of complexity. If you want top-quality AC repair in Bakersfield, CA and surrounding areas, contact Grogan Mechanical.

5 Common Air Conditioning Issues

Few fixtures are more essential to your home during the summer than your AC system. It keeps your home cool during hot summer days, ensuring you and your family beat the heat no matter the outdoor temperature. However, air conditioners often experience issues that can make it difficult to maintain your desired indoor climate.

Unfortunately, most Bakersfield homeowners can’t spot common AC problems until it’s too late. However, once you know what to look for, you can fix your air conditioning system swiftly and effectively. Below are five common AC repairs in Delano, CA and how to fix them.

1. The Unit Only Blows Warm Air

A functioning air conditioning unit supplies cool, comfortable air to your home’s interior, allowing it to stay cool throughout the day. However, sometimes issues arise that cause the unit to produce warm air. This issue can stem from various reasons, but the most common are:

  • A dirty air filter
  • Lack of refrigerant

A dirty air filter can be the cause of various AC repairs in Taft, CA and surrounding areas. Dirty air filters can freeze the unit’s coils, causing it to blow hot air inside your home. Replacing the air filter will prevent the coils from freezing, allowing your unit to produce chilled air once again.

Low refrigerant levels can also cause the coils to freeze and prevent the unit from functioning optimally. This is a much more serious issue and can jeopardize the entire unit. However, never attempt to refill air conditioning refrigerant yourself since it’s highly toxic and can cause numerous health problems.

If you need to refill your air conditioner’s refrigerant, contact Grogan Mechanical. Our team will handle the process and ensure your unit works flawlessly so you can keep your home cool all summer long.

2. The System Makes Loud Noises During Operation

Although most air conditioning systems make slight sounds while operating, they shouldn’t be overbearing. Unusually loud noises often signify severe issues that can worsen over time. Squealing and screeching sounds typically indicate a broken belt, while rattling can signal a motor, compressor, or fan issue. It’s vital to fix these issues quickly to prevent your unit from breaking down entirely.

If you notice your system making unusual noises, turn it off and clean its exterior. Remove any debris that could hinder its performance and ensure the air filter is secure. Once you clean the air conditioner and secure the air filter, turn the unit back on to see if the noises stop.

If the sounds persist, contact a professional AC company in Bakersfield, CA to assess your air conditioner. An expert Grogan technician will uncover the root cause of the noises and make the necessary repairs.

3. Uneven Room Temperatures

Broken and faulty air conditioners often distribute conditioned air unevenly throughout homes, leaving one room cool and another uncomfortably hot. Uneven room temperatures occur for various reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Gaps or cracks along windows
  • Blockages and clogs within air ducts and vents
  • Lack of adequate ventilation
  • Improper thermostat location
  • Ductwork leaks
  • An oversized or undersized air conditioner
  • Insufficient insulation

If you notice uneven room temperatures, clean the vents or ductwork to see if it resolves the issue. You also want to assess your windows and skylights for cracks that allow warm air to seep into the space.

If everything seems functional and damage-free, contact a professional to determine the cause. The Grogan Mechanical team will help you determine the best solution for the problem and fix it without delay.

4. Unit Leaks

Air conditioner leaks are one of the most common AC problems in Bakersfield, CA, especially in unmaintained units. Air conditioning systems experience wear and tear over time, leading to leaks within the water and refrigerant lines as well as the drainage pipes. Although most air conditioners produce condensation, excessive pooling around the unit often indicates a leak.

Refrigerant leaks are more detrimental to your air conditioner than you might realize. Leaks can cause extensive compressor damage that can cost a small fortune to fix. Always contact a professional heating and cooling company to fix the unit as soon as you suspect a leak.

5. Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when the AC unit can’t complete a full cooling cycle. The system will turn on and off continuously, preventing it from cooling your home. If left unaddressed, the issue will continue to worsen and eventually damage the compressor, one of the most expensive parts of an air conditioner.

Fortunately, sometimes fixing short cycling is as easy as changing the air filter. However, miscalibrated thermostats can also cause short cycling, so evaluate the thermostat if the issue persists after changing the air filter.

Also, overpowered air conditioners can also cause short cycling. Always ensure a unit’s power matches your home’s size before installing it on your property. Oversized and overpowered AC systems can cause more harm than good, so talk to an HVAC specialist to help you find the best model for your home.

Call Grogan Mechanical for Professional Air Conditioning Services in Bakersfield, CA

If you need professional AC repair, replacement, or maintenance services in Bakersfield, CA, contact the experts at Grogan Mechanical. Our team will teach you more common AC problems while ensuring your unit reaches its highest efficiency level. Call Grogan Mechanical at (661) 588-0088 today!

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